Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving review

we drove back yesterday from western WA. we had drizzle for the first few hours and then just clouds. today back in boise, its sunny and clear blue skies--my kind of day. i was amazed at how much i've forgotton how gray and drab WA can be, for days on end, and how much it depresses me. but like i told my mom and my sister: i didn't go for the weather!

it was a delight to spend time with my mom. we took her with us to our in-laws who live a couple hours north on whidbey island. it was a wonderful time with mike's family. the meal was scrumptious---josiah had 3 helpings of his grandma's awesome orange jello salad. the girls played a game of sequence and my niece and i beat her mom and her grandma! youth was victorious!

we also celebrated joe's b-day with it being so close. joe was gifted with everything clone wars. he got the new dvd from one grandma and a lightsaber that lights up and makes noise from the other grandma. his dream come true!

i also got to spend time with one of my sisters and her family. her son watched josiah one evening, watching his new dvd and devouring pizza while we went to red robin for another scruptious meal. and i wonder why my jeans feel a little snug today???

driving around my ol stompin grounds i was amazed at how much it has changed. new stores and restaurants, new roads and intersections. the puget sound doesn't look like a recession has hit from my cursory glance, but time may tell ....

i didn't get to visit the water as i wanted to, but with all the clouds and gray i wasn't too disappointed. maybe next time we visit ...

all in all, we had a wonderful trip but are glad to be home again. back to the blue skies and sunshine. back to mounds of laundry to get washed. back to hearing joe watch his clone wars dvd for the upteemth time ....

and to wrap this up, i'm so thankful for family, for friends, and for blogging friends i've gotton to know over the past year.

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Kathy in WA said...

Glad you could spend some time with friends and family, even if the weather was lousy. You have to admit, at least it's not terribly cold. I hold on to that thought when it's drizzling and gray. No need for layers and layers of jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

Not on most days anyway. :)

Still, I need sunshine on a regular basis or I go crazy.