Tuesday, November 11, 2008

update: fall into reading

i think we're about half way thru the fall into reading 2008 so i thot i'd give you an update, sorry thing that it is.

i have totally ignored my reading list, tho i do have 3 books on my sidetable just waiting to be picked up. i started reading dies the fire and couldn't get into it, so i'm crossing that one off my list. instead i went back to my fav author, agatha christie and read the blue train. another fine mystery from the queen of mystery. i have also started reading created to be his helpmeet and am in the first or 2nd chapter. i like to read it slow so i can chew on the good stuff she talks about.

at this rate i will probably not get to all my books, unless i put some serious time into reading. a new goal i have is to get my son to sleep before i need to go to sleep. that would give me some time to read before bed. we'll see if i can make that happen.

how 'bout you? how are you doing on your reading stack? did you join the reading challenge?


carrie said...

I'm about halfway through my list ;) I have a couple that I started and can't finish cuz they are BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING...lol..so I should do an update post too ;)

Anonymous said...

The book Marley and Me by John Grogan was recommend on another blog so I checked it out from the library and am enjoying it SO much! I think you would like it Gail, as you have enjoyed owning a dog!
cousin Joy

*carrie* said...


I need to look at my list again, too. In my typical fashion, I've swapped out a couple "new" books for some of the original ones I'd planned on.

Sherry C said...

Hi Gail, I badly need some new books to read. Last two trips to the libary i was too busy helping my kids select books i didn't get any for myself I'm reading my son's books now he loves mysteries and they are not that too bad actually. My 8 year old is a night owl so he curls up next to meet reading while i read. Maybe your son will curl up with you.