Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking a Blogging Break

Hello treasured readers,
Its time for me to take a little break. From blogging here and over yonder, from facebook, from twitter. I have been neglecting things that I should have been doing. Hence, the need for a break, so I can catch up quickly, rather than slowly. I'll be gone a week or so. I'm going to try not even to read other blogs, so pray for me! I will miss my bloggy friends. But when I come back, I'm thinking I will have much more pep and energy and focus. Which will be good for me, and good for you. Cuz I'll be a better blogger!

I'm not a task oriented person, but I'm actually looking forward to a little spring cleaning and organizing. We'll see how long that lasts -- ha! I also have to troubleshoot my poor ol'computer, which sounds like a dying zebra. Not that I've ever heard a dying zebra, but if I did hear one, it would probably sound like my computer. I'm hoping it doesn't die on me altogether, the computer, not the zebra.

I would appreciate your prayers for me over this coming week if you think of it. I have a huge capacity to waste time, and I want to be productive. Especially since I'm giving up some of my favorite things in life. I will still be available on email--can't give up everything! So email me if you get lonely for my company. It'll break up the organizing and cleaning for me.

Til next week, my faithful friends,
Au revoir


Trish said...

See you soon, hopefully! Good luck with all the cleaning and the computer issues. :)

Mary Ann said...

Hope you're having a great break. Sometimes it's good to step back for a little while!
Blessings, friend!