Tuesday, May 12, 2009

School's Out!

Hey treasured readers---

Michael's last final was last night! Woo hoo!!! School is officially over for the next 3 months for the hubster. And because, the Joe boy isn't out of school for another few weeks, that meeans some "you & me" time for us together during the day. Yes, I have a honey-do list for the man, but I also have some fun date afternoons planned as well. All work and no play does not work in our house!

We still aren't sure what the summer holds. The hubster is still looking and applying for that elusive internship. The economic slump doesn't help. He would consider going to summer school, but the university isn't offering anything in his field that would be beneficial.

The Joe-boy does have morning summer school for 6 weeks. And it actually starts earlier than the regular school year--what's up with that??? I am so not into getting up early in the summer! But we will make up for that the last 6 weeks of summer by sleeping in as long as we want.

I would like to do some traveling this summer, but that is doubtful at this point. Maybe next summer .... We will definitely be spending a bit of time at the pool and lake and river, for sure. And I'm sure the library will see our faces every week.

So what's on your summer agenda? Any travel plans, or are you doing a stay-cation?

Til next time ...

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Deryk and Jo said...

I hate that I have to go to school for the first 8 weeks of our summer, but I still have great plans--I'm just thrilled I'm not pregnant so we can do the things we love most in comfort--like camping, boating, swimming, hiking, biking, and the list goes on. We also plan to make a trip to Oregon/Washington at the end of the summer so I can pick up aplications and get a feel for the school districts there (do you have any suggestions for good areas with great schools?). Sounds fun huh? Hope you have a fun summer too!!!