Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is May Such a Busy Month?

Busy, busy, busy! Not only here at Challenges & Adventures, but I notice it around other blogs as well. For me, we have several family b-days, plus there is Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Cinqo D'Mayo! There is the end of the school year activities and baseball heats up. Plus with spring solidly in place the call to be outside beckons us.

Which is all great, and family memories have been made, but it really sucks where blogging is concerned. I know you understand.

I have been loving my bike rides and have been exploring parts of the trails I haven't known about. I really need to find a bottle holder for my bike so i can carry my water bottle. And I can't wait til my hubby and son can get bikes and join me on my outings.

We took the Joe-boy to see Night of the Museum 2 yesterday. It was cute and he loved it, but for us adults it wasn't quite on par with the first one. We then went over to my brother's for a bar-b-q. My sis-in-law made yummy chicken shikabas.

On Sat the same sis in law and I went to the city farmers market. What fun! The booth that took my breath away was the gal who was selling peony blooms! She had hundreds of light pink and soft white peonies for sale. Did I mention that peonies are one of my top 5 fav flowers? I have had wonderful peony plants at a couple different homes we've had and I miss cutting bouquets of peonies every spring. Alas, I didn't buy any as I knew by the time we got home they'd be wilted. We had lots more shopping and fun. We checked out the Idaho Shakespeare Festival outdoor theatre. We are deciding which play we want to see together and when. And then we ended up at Barnes & Nobles to check out the latest mysteries and the sewing/crafting magazines. And of course, we didn't walk out empty handed.

Next up, the Joe-boy has 2 more weeks of school and then a half day of summer school for 6 or 7 weeks. There are more kids movies coming out and I'm sure we'll see a few of those. "Up" from Disney/Pixar looks especially delightful.

So what was your May like? And what does June hold for you and your family?


Mary Ann said...

May was busy for us too. We had something planned almost every weekend which is unheard of for us!

June looks full as well. My sister is having a baby in a couple of weeks. My little nephew is coming to visit for a few days while she's in the hospital and my parents are flying in from the West Coast for a visit. We also have a birthday party to attend as well as a Saturday marriage workshop at church. And the month hasn't even started yet!

We scouted out a couple of Farmer's Markets this weekend. Such fun! I hope to do more of my shopping there this summer. I was also drawn to the flower vendors.:-)

Miss G said...

Where is your header photo from? That is beautiful! Kelly

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

We have been busy too! And yes, I haven't been blogging as much because of it :-( But hopefully I'll have time to get back at it soon!

Take care my friend! Hope life settles down for you soon. Keep enjoying that bike!

gail said...

thanks kelly! the header photo is one i took of the shoshone falls in twin falls, idaho. its beautiful when idaho has a good water year. if you ever get out west, you should stop by and see it. its about 2 hours east of boise on the way to yellowstone.