Friday, May 01, 2009

Going Back to School?

If you are a regular reader here at Challenges and Adventures, you know that the hubster has been attending BSU. He will be graduating next spring with a degree in Supply Chain Management. (It's in the business dept) When we first moved up to Boise the idea of me going back to school came up. But going to the university full time didn't seem like the right fit for me or our family. But over the months, I have been mulling over another idea. Going to a trade school in order to learn a skill. Some positives are the shorter length of time in school, graduating with a skill that is marketable, and having a skill that allows me to work part time around my families schedule and needs.

I have been doing some research online and narrowed down the ideas to one skill I would really enjoy learning and working at. I called a school here in Boise and have a tour set up for next week to meet the financial aid woman and see the campus. I'm pretty sure that I would be able to get some financial aid of some sort, but I won't commit until I know that for sure. In the meantime, I've been thinking about how going back to school will impact our lives. I would be gone 8 hours 5 days a week. I would have 2 days to get my household chores caught up with, do any crafts, sewing and knitting, think up new blogs and catch up on the ones I like to read .... At times it seems overwhelming to have that much time committed to school. And yet, its only for 5 months. I can do almost anything for 5 months. Its worth it to improve our lives. And Michael is very supportive of this idea.

So how bout you? Would you go back to school mid-life? Do you know people who have done so and succeeded? Any tips on keeping up with all my other responsibilities while going to school?

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Peapod Four said...

My mom went to college when I was in middle school. She worked full time and went to school two nights a week, most semesters. She graduated with her bachelors one semester before I did. It took a long time, but it was worth it. She now has her masters - which she earned on the same day my brother graduated from Virginia Tech. She missed her ceremony to be at his.

I think you can do it if you're organized and if you're family is in support. Especially since it's for a short amount of time. Just pick what's important and leave the rest go until you're done.

*carrie* said...

How exciting, Gail. I'm curious to hear what the "mystery skill" is!

Deryk and Jo said...

DO IT!!! My mom went back to school when I was in the 6th grade and graduated when I was a sophmore with a masters. She went back to school with 7 children at home, how she did it is so far beyond me, I'm struggling to do it with one! She has no regrets! It was hard--that is for sure! on her, on my dad, on us, her children, but her education is what got our family through some really hard times, and I think she really values her ability to contribute financially now.
Whatever you decide, good luck and rememer, you won't have to do it alone.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Hey there my friend! Remember me? I can't believe it's been so long since I stopped by. Hope you are doing well!

I went back to school when my son was 2. I worked full-time and went to school two nights a week. It took 2.5 yrs to finish my bachelors. It was not easy. But it was the best thing I ever did.

You're right. You can do anything for 5 months. Can't wait to hear what you decide to do & what you are going to study.

Take care my friend!
Have a great Sunday!

Sherry C said...

Oh Gail.. you should definitely do it!!! My sister in law just turned forty and is graduating this spring from teachers college. She has three children ages 9, 13 and 15. Her husband my brother wants to go to law school he even applied and he is also forty. Your never are to old to go to school. I really want to as well. I would love to become a nurse and work with kids with special needs. But that's on hold since i have a new born and three others but hopefully one day i can go maybe when Taylor goes to school.. I'll only be 41 but i don't care. I bet you will love the new challenges of school, meet new friends and you will feel great in the end. I wish nursing school was 5 months. I think it's 4 years (oh my)