Monday, April 27, 2009

Debt Reduction

We are watching videos of Dave Ramsey at church. Yesterday he talked about gazelle like intensity in getting out of debt and recommended selling everything you could lay your hands on. So that got hubby and I thinking about what to sell. Before our move, we sold alot of furniture and downsized considerably. But it has crossed our mind more than once to sell our car. Our only car. Our only means of transportation. The only reason we could even consider this is that we live downtown Boise, close to most everything. Neither of us work outside the home, and Boise has a decent transit and is a bicycle friendly town.

The main drawbacks would be not being able to continue to go to our church and if I needed to go to Joe's school, that would be difficult, if not outright impossible. So tho, we talk about it I don't think we will follow through.

So how bout you? Would you sell your car to get out of debt? What have you sold to downsize your debt?


Rhoni Renee said...

I've been considering that too...not my car since I work about 10-15 miles from home...but what I could do without. Unfortunately really the only things *I* have here are my clothes and some of my kitchenware. Everything else I still own (and I sold most) is in storage in Indy...including my computer. This one is actually Jon's. Anyway - I told Jon that I wanted to sit down and figure out our financial goals & game plan...just not until after the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Gail, Have you ever thought of trying for a job with the school district? I have 2 friends who worked on the lunch crew at local schools. It worked perfect for each of them because they only worked on days that their kids were in school, plus they went to work after the kids left and were home before they got back. Of course it wasn't a lot of money, but it definitely helped, and still left time in the day to get things done without kids around. Just thought of that the other day!
Cousin Joy