Thursday, April 02, 2009


I do. Its April.

I don't particularly like April Fools Day, and I really don't like tax day. Then there's the fact that most often April can be a rainy month. Especially when we lived in the Seattle area, rain was on the menu every day. Or so it seemed. This year in Boise we are having storm after storm flow through our beautiful valley and I'm not liking it, at all. I moved away from Seattle for a reason!

But if your word for the year is contentment than you'd better find something to enjoy about your least favorite month. And really, there is alot to enjoy about April.

Easter is coming. A wonderful time of year to be thankful for God's perfect gift for us. A reminder that we are loved and cherished by the King of the Universe. And that Christ died for our sins, so that we can stand clean before our Heavenly Father someday, hearing His welcoming words. Come my son/daughter, enter the Kingdom!

There are signs of spring as the forsythia is in bloom, daffodils, crocus' and tulips are sprouting and showing their glorious colors. The days are getting longer and are warming up the earth.

Life is resuming its rhythem. I enjoy rhythem. As much as I like to go on vacation or have something exciting to look forward to, the older I get the more I like the normal rhythem of life.

So how bout you? What are you enjoying about April?


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I have to be honest. Right now I am not enjoying April. It has rained, rained and rained some more in our neck of the country. I know come August, we will want this rain. Right now, though, I've had enough of it.

Ok, let's see if I can say something nice about April. You are right. Easter and celebrating the Resurrection is definitely something to be excited about!

I hope you have a great April my friend!

Deryk and Jo said...

I Love Easter!! I love what it means, how it feals--everything! And for that reason I look forward to April. I also look forward to the new sprouts and greener grass that appears sometime towards the end of April. April to me feels fresh, but I also always get antsy in April because it is nearing the end of another school year--as an eternal student, and soon-to-be professional teacher, I think April will always feel this way for me--not so sure that is a positive or not?

Rhoni Renee said...

Umm...I enjoy the sunlight today. And I saw some pretty little purple flowers all over a small field yesterday. Jon said they're weeds but I still say they were pretty flowers. And the last day of April my family will be here!!!! And then it'll be May. And then I'll be married. And then it'll be summer. But that's not really about April is it. Hmm...April is a pretty name! That's all I got. Sorry.