Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Giveaway

Have you heard of Frugal Girls? Its a great frugal website that I have been visiting for a little while now. They have great giveaways, but this latest one is really exceptional. Thus my reason for posting about it. I'm not being altruistic, Cause I really don't want anyone else to win. I am getting my name entered one more time by blogging about it to you, my dear readers. Of course, if you insist, go ahead and check it out for yourself, but I'm warning you, I am going to win!

Frugal Girls is giving away what's called a Card Cubby where you can store biz cards, gift cards, even a small cell phone will fit. And the person who sells them has the cutest colors. Once you go over to Frugal Girls she has a link where you can see the Card Cubbies in all their glorious colors.

But remember, this one is mine to win!

So, what have you won lately?

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