Monday, January 21, 2008

monday meanderings

don't have much to chat about here on the blog, but that doesn't stop me!

i've been thinking about narrowing down my focus on my blog. what do you think? would you rather i put the crafty pics and patterns on a different site? yes? no? don't care?

would you like to see more recipes? less? more pics? more stories about our family?

i have my other blog, seed stories where i ponder on what the Lord is showing me in life so i don't want to duplicate that here, but would you like to see more bible verses, book reviews, or something else???

i'm listening!

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*carrie* said...


I am pretty new to your blog, so am not as familiar with everything you write about. I always enjoy reading about what is important to each blogger--family and any interests the person really cares about. So that's my humble suggestion--write about what you're thinking about, and what excites you!