Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today i'm thankful for: (in no particular order)

~~~ a roof over my head, even if it needs to be reroofed
~~~ hot water, gas heat, electric lights ...
~~~ a free country with free elections, even if i can't decide on a candidate
~~~ a grocery store full of food, even if most of it is overprocessed junk
~~~ my van that takes me too and fro, even if it needs to be "scrubbed and tubbed" **
~~~ my neurotic, needy, hungry dog.
~~~ doctors, medicine, insurance, hospitals, even if ... don't get me started!
~~~ clothes to keep me warm. the amazing gift of clothes my sister gave to me.
shirts, blouses, vests, pants, capris, skirts, dresses, coats and more!
i'm overwhelmed with gratitude for this unexpected gift. and looking for more hangers ...
~~~ freedom to speak, to sing, to remain silent, to laugh, to cry, to pray ...

** bonus points to you if you know what movie that phrase comes from!

Lord, let me never take for granted these things again ...

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