Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my very own bucket list

i want to go see the movie "the bucket list" from what i've heard its heartwarming as well as hilarious. from the previews it sounds like these 2 men make a list of what they want to do before they kick the bucket. i've always liked lists and over the years have had my own ideas of what i'd like to accomplish before i leave this earth.

today i think it would be good to put it down in writing :

*** take a road trip around the united states with my family, see the historical sites as well as all the touristy places.

*** learn how to quilt

*** learn a 2nd language, either spanish or italian

*** visit new zealand, australia and europe

*** take up the piano again

*** write a book (subject to be determined)

*** perfect my knitting skills so i could actually knit a sweater or a pair of socks

what about you? do you have a bucket list?


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

i probably do have a bucket list, but haven't ever taken time to write it down. I want to do a few things on your list!! **Perfect my knitting - for the same reason. Right now I just make real nice scarves and blankets. ;P **Learn Latin American Spanish - fluently - reading, writing, and speaking, but most especially speaking. **Take the piano back up again. I have one - I just don't actually play it anymore. I probably need lessons again. I feel too old to take lessons. I have kids who need lessons! ;)

I want to see the bucket movie too! Too bad we don't live closer - we could go see it together. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Peapod Four said...

I want to learn to quilt too. My grandma quilted a lot when she was younger, but I lived too far away to learn from her. I bought all the stuff to do a quilt once, but got so confused in the directions that it all ended up in the attic.

*carrie* said...

What a great list, Gail. I make lots of daily lists, but haven't attempted to make a life-long one yet!