Friday, January 11, 2008

one cool blog

i heard about this website a couple days ago, but didn't check it out. its a blog about crockpot cooking. this gal is posting about using her crockpot every day of 2008. at first i thot it was a bit of overkill. i love my crockpot and i use it regularly, but really, every day??? but then i stumbled upon a review of the site and thot i should at least give it a look. and what do you know? its a great site!

crockpot lady has been true to her word, posting her experiments and showing the evidence in bold big color. i like that she hasn't limited her crockpotting to just dinner entrees. she has tried desserts, breakfast breads, and other ideas. so go check out the crockpot lady and see what she's cooking up next.

1 comment:

Crockpot Lady said...

Thanks, Gail!
I hope to stay true to my word as the year goes on. My family thinks I beyond nuts.
thank you for visiting and thank you for the link.