Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Answered Prayers

i admit, i have a hard time trusting the Lord when a big challenge comes my way. having a disabled husband going back to school on a very limited income has been a huge challenge even with his schooling being mostly paid by the dept of the blind. there are always those extras: books, supplies, loss of wages cuz he's not working full time, you know the drill. but we believe that God has us right where he wants us for a variety of reasons: learning to trust Him more, giving michael a new career that he can succeed at and provide for our family, learning to be content with little or much as the apostle paul proclaimed, seeing Gods faithfulness to us in action, up close and personal.

and then the Lord gives you a little something to sustain your faith and trust. that's what God did for me today. michael came in to wake me up and said "i got awarded a $5000 student loan for next year and a $2000 workstudy stipend." boy, that got me awake! not being a morning person, i usually wake up slowly and crawl out of bed like a mole seeing the first rays of sun. all blurry eyed. but today i bounced out of bed and gave michael a big hug. we praised God for this gift and agreed that it seems we are headed for boise after all.

i am so thankful that the Lord continues to lead us down His path. we just have to trust and follow Him. easy to say, but for this follower, harder to do and to do consistantly. guess that's why the Lord keeps giving me opportunities to practice trusting Him. like my title says, its all about the challenges and adventures the Lord sends my way.

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