Saturday, March 15, 2008

this n that

michael has graciously let me use his computer to get online and post. he's pretty protective of his computer cuz he uses it for school and he's seen how i can abuse things! yikes!

my computer is still under the weather. i think i've found a replacement cord, but i still have to make sure i'm ordering the right one. i hate tech when it doesn't work. but when it works its my best friend. kwim?

i finally got around to trying the hot and sour soup recipe under my recipes to try list. it was great! i elimenated the mushrooms as i don't do rubbery textured foods, like mushrooms and oysters. and i may add more liquids. its definitely a keeper and i could eat it for lunch every week. mmm-mmm!

i also actually started sewing on joe's pants that i cut out for him last month. i need him to try them on so that i can see how they're fitting and that could be a chore! but i am determined to finish them before short season arrives and i have to put them away til fall. i also cut out a pair of shorts out of the same pattern yesterday. shorts season will be upon us in no-time and joe outgrew all but one or two of his shorts by the end of last summer. since i had the fabric i thot i should use it up.

hopefully i'll be able to post again soon. in the meantime, it snowed here last nite so i won't be doing any yard cleanup today. ahhh, i'm SO disappointed! got to go see the dr seuss movie with my family this afternoon instead. life can be so hard!

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