Thursday, March 06, 2008

what's your kiddos morning routine?

first born son has had the sniffles for the last couple days. he seemed esp miserable last nite, so i decided to give him some meds and let him sleep in as long as necessary this morning. we usually get him up around 7:15 and he slept today til 7:45. i let him lounge in our bed watching tv for a half hour and then got him up, bathed, dressed and b'fast. i finally took him to school at 9:30. he was looking better by then and seemed less sleepy and cranky then yesterday morning. not being a morning person myself i can understand his need to wake up slowly. he has to have meds to help him sleep becuz of his diagnoses, so he usually gets to sleep around 9:30 or 10. sometimes later, but never earlier than 9:15 and that is rare.

i've always felt that school started too early, with his bus coming to pick him up at 7:35. the school gives them free b'fast and school doesn't really start til 8:45. after seeing what a difference it made for him this morning i'm wondering if it is feasible, doable, or even advisable to let him sleep in later like this morning, feed him b'fast at home and take him to school between 9 and 9;30 for the rest of the school year.

i'd love to hear your ideas on this subject. whether you have typical kids or special needs ones, homeschool or do public school. bring on the comments!


Peapod Four said...

I wish MY mom would've let me sleep late and go to school at 9:30! : )

miah said...

we wake the kids up at 6:45-7:00. we leave the house by 8-8:10. they ride the bus from downtown to the elementary school. they're pretty good to all wake up and get with it, thankfully.

i think you should try waking josiah up later and see how it goes for a week.