Monday, March 03, 2008


Yay me! I got rid of our small sofa that we didn’t need any longer. Our church has an email newsletter that people can use to list things for sale, or for free, services and products offered, homes for sale or rent and other things. So I listed our small sofa and a young couple called to take it off our hands. I am so excited that it is out of our living room. It opened up quite a bit of space and now I am hatching ideas in my mind how to rearrange the furniture we have left.

Since last year I have been weeding thru clothes, toys, books, videos and other misc items, a bag at a time. Donating them to our fav thrift store run by one of the churches in town. But getting rid of a large piece of furniture really makes it feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Anyone else on a decluttering spree?


Kathy in WA said...

Sometimes I feel as though we are suffocating under all the "stuff" that fills our house and lives. Finding the time to declutter is almost as difficult as navigating amidst the mess. Ha!

How awesome to share some things with another family.

*carrie* said...


Yay! That is so great! That's neat your church has that set up.

We have a Christian thrift store in town, and I drop things off once or twice a month. Especially as we anticipate moving in the next few months, I try to be more aware of getting rid of things now instead of saving it until the packing stage.