Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Chick Challenge Update

I've been easing into the Super Chick Challenge. I forgot how my life doesn't really return to normal until hubby is back in school. So I haven't been able to do all that I wanted to do. But I am on track with my eating for b'fast and lunches. And I have worked out once. Not great, but not terrible either. But I am still struggling with dinners.

So what do you eat for dinner? Do you feed a husband, some kids? If you're like me and trying to lose weight,do you prepare them a dinner that is different from what you eat, or do you all eat the same things?

B;fast and lunch I've got a handle on. Which is victory in and of itself. I used to be a fast food junkie at lunch. 3 or more times a week I would go thru the drive thru at MickyD's or some such establishment. But now hubby and I have lunch together between his classes. We usually have sandwiches and or soup, sometimes a salad or leftovers. Its working for me.

But dinners I still struggle with. My man is a meat and spuds kind of guy and doesn't have a weight problem. He likes veggies, but salad, not so much. Me, I'm the opposite. I'd rather have salad any day. I tend to bake chicken thighs, or broil some sort of beef, or put it in the crockpot. I'll make pasta or meatloaf or even occasionaly hamburgers. I'm in a rut with my cooking too which doesn't help.

So what do you do? What satisfies you without going over your calories? What satisfies your family without shipwrecking your diet?

Til next time ....

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