Monday, June 23, 2008

a bonus ...

on friday, hubster put a for sale sign on our crunched up van. and put an ad for it on craigslist. he got a couple calls, and we had a couple interested people stop by our yard sale and talk to us about it. we had originally thought that we would sell it to a junk yard and maybe get a couple hundred dollars out of it. when we had that yucky encounter at the used car dealership, they offered us $200 for it! needless to say, we didn't jump at that offer.

so back to the yard sale, one of the gals who was interested called her son to come over and look at it and after his approval she wrote us a check and bought it! we couldn't believe how easy that was. (and no, her check didn't bounce). so on top of having a decent yard sale and scoring some $$ there, we also got some more serious money for the van.

we celebrated sat afternoon by going and seeing Get Smart. funny, funny movie. steve carrell is a great maxwell smart, and anne hathaway does well as agent 99. i won't give away the plot cuz if you like a fun movie, this one is worth spending your money on.

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Peapod Four said...

That's a movie we plan to put on our Netflix list. Glad you liked it!