Friday, June 06, 2008

Sewing Shorts

my spring and summer goal has been to sew some shorts for my son. he grew out of almost all of his shorts from last year. usually it is so hot here we live in short from May thru Sept. for some reason, global warming has made it really cold here and we are still in jeans. but, this cold blast can't last forever and i have been diligently sewing shorts for the #1 son. the first pair i just grabbed some heavy material i had had for years. they were pretty basic, nothing fancy. and they don't fit him great either. oh well. this 2nd pair i'm working on i decided to add a contrasting fabric at the hem and a pocket in the same fabric. so i had to go to the fabric store and find some cute boy type fabrics.

the middle fabric is a baseball theme and that's the one i'm using for this 2nd pair. it is turning out great, but i still have to try it on my reluctant model. i may even get them finished before the sun comes out again.

i cheated by cutting off some sweats that were getting too short and hemming them. but they turned out great and he's worn them a couple times. so now at least he has 3 or 4 pairs instead of 1. i'm not sure how many more i will make, with the move fast approaching. i enjoy sewing, but it takes me double the time a more experienced seamstress. so my projects don't get done lickety split.

anyone else doing any sewing out there in cyberland?

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