Monday, June 02, 2008

Our Move to Boise

we got an email this morning from BSU telling us that they had accepted our application for boise housing and they have set aside a groundfloor 2 bedroom apt for us. would we like to accept? why yes, i think we will! we will be driving up on friday august 1st, have to be there at 9am (so that means leaving at 7am, which means getting up at ??? have i mentioned that i'm not a morning person?) to sign the lease and get the keys. woo hoo! we have a direction and a path and a timeline.

have i mentioned how great these accomadations will be? they are accross the street from the campus, so mike can walk to class and not have to rely on the wife for a ride every day. they have an enclosed courtyard that is fenced and you can only get in if you have a keycard. in this courtyard is a playground area for the kiddos and picnic tables and grass. we also will be living withing walking distance of 2 great parks and the greenbelt that people use for biking, walking and skating on. i can see fun weekend afternoons traveling the greenbelt together.

on the other hand, nothing is perfect. i am learning to accept this fact. its a small 2 bedroom apt. we will be downsizing. but that's ok. i'm ready to simplify a bit. it doesn't have a patio or balcony, but again, that's ok. i dont' really need to be gardening in pots. i can let that go for now.

i'm so excited for my husband and for the next 2 years. for him getting this degree and then finding a good job. it's been a long trek since our lives turned upside down 5 years ago, but that is for another post. which will be coming shortly.

rejoice with me, my friends! God is good, All the time!

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So excited to hear how God has provided a home for you. That's great that it will be so convenient for your husband. We know how fun and enriching living on a campus can be!