Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this n that

after our big week getting the yard sale ready and hosting it, this is a slower week for us. hubster is dealing with banks, finances and that kind of stuff, so i decided i'd get some sewing (and ironing done).

i dived into my sewing stash this morning, even before taking my shower. i didn't want anything to waylay me. first i finished the pair of shorts for the #1 boy that i've been very slow in sewing. then i took one of his older, almost outgrown t-shirts and cut off the sleeves. i hemmed the armholes and made it into a sleeveless t-shirt. he only has a couple, so i thot this would be good for his summer wardrobe. after lunch i decided to work on my stuff. i have a pink polka dot shirt in progress. i'm at the part where i have to sew on the sleeves. it doesn't look right so i'm going to be ripping out seams and redoing. i don't really know how to do alterations on myself but i'm thinking this is going to force me to learn. i also cut a yellow sleeveless shirt of mine that had gotton a rotton stain on the front. i trimmed it to below the bustline and then i cut out some cute yellow print fabric to make the torso part. i'm about halfway thru with that project. i want to put an applique or somthing on the solid part of the shirt to tie in the print. of course, never having appliqued this will be an adventure too.

being able to take a few hours to sew made me happy today. the munchkin will be home shortly. we'll go outside and he'll play. i may read ... then dinner, then the last nite of challenger baseball.

i'm hoping to get back to my sewing machine again tomorrow and make some more headway on the 2 shirts. i have other projects in the stash that i might be able to start. and i want to start packing away non-essential fabric and patterns.

anyone doing any sewing or crafting these days? what projects are you working on?

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