Monday, June 02, 2008

Frugal Meals Update; Part Deux

As I posted here, it has been an interesting experience to be extra frugal with meals til payday arrives. Friday nite, hubby came home with some money he made and chose to treat the family to some Mexican food---yum, yum! That was an unexpected treat and a wonderful break from trying to come up with meals from an assortment of ingredients.

Saturday, I had a few extra bucks and went to the store for some hamburger, sausage, green onions and a red pepper. That night we had bar-b-q-ed hamburgers with buns I already had, condiments, & lettuce. I heated up some baked beans and called it good.

Sunday, hubby cooked up 2/3 of the sausage and we made b’fast burritoes. They were tasty and satisfying. That evening I cooked the rest of the sausage, added it to some pasta sauce, cooked some pasta and had a good pasta dinner. I thot later that I could have added some sliced carrots to the pasta sauce as I’ve heard other cooks do. I’m trying to get more veggies into our diet.

Today hubby and I had the leftover pasta for lunch. For dinner, I pulled out a steak I had in the freezer and steamed some peas. Pretty simple, but it was fine.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking if the mail comes early like it has done for the last several days, I’ll buy a papa murpheys pizza for dinner. I’m bushed from all this creative thinking. Cooking has never been my gifting, so this has been a real challenge for me. But I’m glad I had the opportunity to stretch myself. I can see with prices on gas and food going higher, that preparing weekly menus for our meals is going to become a higher priority for me.

Looking back on this experience, i've realized that if we had had the money, i would have gone to the store and bought $30-40 worth of groceries to make meals for the week. i wouldn't have gone to the trouble to think of the simplest, least expensive way to provide nutritious foods. i think i spent less than $10 when i went to the store. and yes, our pantry and freezer are pretty bare.

How are you dealing with the higher food prices? Have your meals or eating habits changed? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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