Friday, June 27, 2008

bar-b-q in the woods

monica over at the homespun heart is such an inspiration to me in all the great meals and activities she does with and for her family. so wed nite i packed up some food and supplies and our family headed up to the south hills. we are blessed to be within 30 min of a national forest where there are picnic and camping sites. on the way, i realized that i had forgotton the charcoal! aaaaccckk! you can't have a bar-b-q without charcoal so we stopped at the last little gasmart on the way to the campsite and bought 9 lbs of charcoal for $10!!! highway robbery, if i do say so. it was so funny, cuz right as we were leaving the gasmart a commercial for walmart charcoal came on: 18lb for $6. boy, do last minute purchases hurt the budget!

but onward, we got to the picnic area and as i suspected, we had it to ourselves. hubby grilled the burgers and corn on the cob, i set the table and our son played and our daisy dog romped around the campsites. while hubby grilled i read to him out of a frugal book we've been reading together and we talked about whether we could actually live without a car.

it was so relaxing to be in the outdoors, to only have the sounds of nature around us, to be away from cellphones, computers and tvs. what a blessing!

we will definitely be doing this again this summer and we will definitely be looking for a similiar area once we move to boise. and next time i will remember the charcoal.


*carrie* said...

Yay! So glad you enjoyed your outing, Gail. I agree--sometimes forgetting comes at a high cost. The other day, someone in our family (ahem) left an entire gallon of milk on the counter after *his* late night bowl of cereal!

Katie said...

We are grilling corn on the cob tonight! :-) I love family picnics and yummy food off the grill. Thanks for sharing pics and the story. Have a great weekend!

thehomespunheart said...

Gail - I'm so proud of you for taking the initiative to plan this for your family! I bet the charcoal story will become a fun memory!! :)