Tuesday, July 01, 2008


i feel i should appologize for not being around the last few days, but i have a great excuse. i've been laying in bed, with a bad case of vertigo. for 3 days now i've been laying in bed only getting up for urgent necessessities. and even then it was never fun. i guess verigo can give you nauseau and make everything in your stomach come back up.

i finally went to the doc yestrday and he gave me somting for the vomitting. boy, has that made a difference. the only bad thing is that basically this'll go away by itself. no telling when that will be. so if this blog is a little empty, think of me on my couch, bored stiff. with the world whirling around i cant even read or watch tv to make the day go by faster. so i lay with my eyes closed, sleep a little, pray a little and bug my hubby to talk to me.

hopefully, i'll be back soon. i have lots to share with you, friends. until then ... be thankful your equilibreum works the way the Lord intented.

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