Friday, July 11, 2008

have you stumbled yet?

i found this neat site called blog coach a few weeks ago. i have been wanting to improve my blog and know i need to learn a few things. well when i was over there last week she had a post about the site stumble upon. have you heard of it? if not, you are in for a treat, esp if you like to surf the web and discover new interesting sites. but i must warn you, it is very addicting!

basically, how it works is you put in your interests, you download their toolbar and then you hit the button that says "stumble". they take you to a site that is in your interest survey and you can click on "i like it" or "i don't like it" and they start to gather info on what kinds of sites you are interested in. i have found lots and lots of sites on graphics (photoshop, etc) tutorials, travel -- did you know that chile has the largest swimming pool ever built and its right on the ocean!, very cool. cooking, crafting, knitting and sewing sites i didn't know existed and some that are ol favs of mine.

of course, blog coach shows you how to use stumble upon to increase traffic to your own site, but i'm just addicted to surfing around and haven't got to that point yet. did i mention its addictive! plus you can invite friends to join you and they have a community of sorts where you can meet others and compare sites you like.

so go check it out, and if you're a member of stumble let me know and we can stumble together .... its' great fun!

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh my gosh! I read so many blogs already that I am afraid to even try that! Yikes! I know there are so many things out there. Too bad I couldn't split myself in 2 and 1 of me could surf and blog 24/7 and the other could do the rest!