Tuesday, July 15, 2008

17 Days & Counting

This last year I have been endeavoring to declutter and get rid of things that are no longer needed, were never needed in the first place or downright junk. And tho I am proud of my efforts, I must confess that I am still a packrat.

It is interesting, when one packs with the spouse, how different the two of you can be. I am much more likely to hang on to stuff, just in case. Hubby is much more likely to take stuff out to the garbage bin without even telling me! The first couple days were a bit testy. We are getting into a better groove now tho. I am trying to say Yes, dump it, more often. And hubby is trying not to cringe when I say I want to keep this or that or the other thing.

The real test will be when we pick up the u-haul and load it up. Hubby is scared that we won’t have enough space in it for all our earthly possessions, and I’m confident that we’ve gotton rid of enough stuff that we’ll be fine. Anyone want to take bets?

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