Sunday, July 27, 2008

this n that

i just have a smattering of stuff, so this may not be a very coherant post.

*** i'm so excited! remember when i was bemoaning that without cable i couldn't view my fav shows until after the move. well, hulu to the rescue. you say what? you don't know what hulu is? well, dear friend, hulu is a webpage that offers free viewing of tv shows and movies! you have to sit thru a few commercials just like regular tv, but otherwise its great! joe has watched "ice age" and "jonah" on it and last nite i was able to watch "burn notice"! yipeee. i haven't watched the 2nd or 3rd one yet, so don't spoil it for me, if you know. but what's up with fionna? i hope she doesnt' leave the show!!!

*** our yard sale on friday was a bust--ugh! there was an air show in town as well as other things going on. so we still have alot of furniture to get rid of. pray with us that the Lord will bring people who need what we have, k?

*** church was great today. its hard to imagine after going to this church for the last 7 years that we'll be searching for a new place to worship next week. but i'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord is doing in other churches. i will miss many of the people, the wonderful people who have worked with our son and his special needs with a cheerful heart and untold patience. we will miss pastor greg's preaching and corny jokes, and the worship service. but i know God has good things in store too.

*** its down to the last week for packing. time to start packing up the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. wow! its really happening.

*** i have a pedicure tomorrow! woowhee!! this is a treat. my feet get so rough here in the desert heat.

i'm going to try to post this week, esp on thankful thursday. but if i disappear you'll know where i am. under the piles of boxes!!!

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