Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Really, REALLY Do Like to Read, Really!

before i had my son, i was able to read .... ALOT! i mean, i'm a fast reader anyway, but i would read a couple books a day and have 4 or 5 books in the hopper at all times. i loved fiction and non-fiction. it was my escape, it was my way to learn, it was my travellogue and it was my friend.

after my son came along, i found reading to be a joy that i didnt' have as much time or energy for. i read emails, magazines and sometimes i would surf the net. i did start to read a few books on special needs, but i wasn't up to the challenge. somewhere along the way i forgot what a good read was all about.

over a year ago i found blogging and the whole blogging community. the first thing i noticed was that many were readers. and they would post what they were reading and even some would write a review! wow. then i noticed that certain bloggers were participating in a seasonal read*a*long. wow. but i just knew that i couldn't do that. where was the time? between reading emails, other blogs, posting on my own blog, washing a load of laundry now and again, i just didn't have the time to spare.

some would read before they nodded off to sleep, others were able to sneak a few mintues during the kiddos' naptimes. but me, oh no! i couldn't find the time even tho my son no longer takes naps and is actually at school all day long. before bed, but what about falling asleep to the 10 o'clock news?

then this summer we cancelled our cable. yea, whose idea was that anyway? i found that i actually did have a few odd minutes here and there. i decided i'd make it easy on myself. i'd pick up something to read that i've wanted to read for awhile. i own the book so i dont' have to rush it back to the library in 3 weeks. (i actually still check out books from the library every month even tho i rarely read more than a page or two of them) and i had read it way back in jr high or high school so i knew i would like it. plus they had made a movie out of it and i wanted to see how the book differed from the movie.

yes, you guessed it, didn't you? i started reading, "The Fellowship of the Ring" book one of the trilogy. and you know what? after getting thru the very tedious, slow paced 1st half of the book, i really started to enjoy it. after dinner, #1 son and i would go outside. he to play in the dirt, or to push the lawnmower, or to sweep the sidewalks and i would take my book and sit on the lawn chair and read. sometimes i'd get in just a few pages, but other times i could finish a chapter or more. and after 479 pages, i finished reading it last night! i did, i really did! i read the whole thing (well, i skimmed alot of the travel scenes). if i was a writer i would definitely write it more like the movie portrayed it. lots of action and a little less "Budget Travel: $10/day to Mount Doom for a Week. See all the highlights along the Way."

the only sad part now that i'm done? hubby already packed up the 2nd and 3rd book in the trilogy so i have to wait 9 days OR MORE before i can start the next book.

so maybe there is life in this ol' girl afterall? and maybe i'll join one of those reading carnivals. i'm sure there is going to be another fall reading coming soon.

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Tracey said...

I love reading too! I am like's so hard to find the time now with little ones. I try and sneak it in here and there and a few minutes before bed. It's hard, but my escape! I am in a book club through my church so it "forces" me to finish a book in time for the meeting. I am going to start posting about books as I finish them...come back to my blog for good reads in the future!