Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vewrtigo Update

One of the blessings/curses of having vertigo is having to lie down and not do too much. Kind of like bedrest when you’re pregnant. it’s a blessing in that I have the time to lay quietly, praying for those in my life that are going thru trials and hardships. it’s a blessing to be able to sleep more than I usually get time for. it’s a blessing to rest. But its also aggravating to have so much to do right in front of me that I cannot do while I’m in this condition. Its hard not to be anxious about the laundry that is piling up, the floors that need vacuuming, the errands that are overdue (or is that the library dvds).

I am dependent on others to help me. My hubby can help a little, but he has his own chores, work, and things to catch up on. Josiah can grab me the remote once in awhile but can’t really help me as I would prefer. I don’t have family around the area to call and ask those things of that you just know you can count on family to do, so I’ve been learning to relax in the state of chaos and wait for my health to return.

And did I mention that we don’t have any tv channels? That we haven’t had cable for several months and rely on netflix and dvd’s from the library. Only bad thing about netflix is that if you don’t return them, you don’t get any new ones! And while I was puking my guts out earlier in the week, the last thing on my mind was to return those movies so we would have some new viewing material for the holiday weekend. But I’m not whining, really I’m not ….

Did I mention that hubby is legally blind and doesn’t drive? So we are out of a substantial amount of basics in our house. Its been blinding hot here, but he’s been a trooper: walking to work each day and even walking to the pharmacy to get meds for me. Me, I’m curled up on the sofa with the fan blowing on me.

So I’m just saying that next time I take my health for granted, whack me upside the head and remind me of my lovely journey I had with vertigo. I hope never to cross paths with her again!

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