Saturday, July 19, 2008

i have nothing ...

i am brain dead, flumuxed, baffled, bewildered, and bamboozed ....

so i'm cheating and reposting my new years post. i figure its half way thru the year, what better time to take a gander at how i'm doing.

is anyone else having a hard time believing it is 2008 already? wasn't y2k just a while back? weren't we just partying like it was 1999 a few days ago? nope? me neither. i just have this feeling that the years are racing by, and i've been snoozing up in the grandstand.

but i am glad its a new year. i've always loved this time of year, and i love making new years resolutions, even if i don't keep them. i always have a bunch of resolutions and feel that at least by havign them, i get closer to the goal even if i don't accomplish them 100%.

for this year, nutrition and fitness are on the list again, along with praying for my family and friends. i started this in the fall and have really benefitted from the times i accomplish it. over the last month it got passed over way too often, so i'm hoping that by putting it on my list it'll become a priority again.

other than those, i'm still thinking and pondering on what to add to the list.

about 5 years ago, i also started choosing a word for the year. the first year i choose the word gratitude little did i know how appropo that word would be for me that entire year. God gave me lots of things to be grateful for. each year it has been awesome to see how the Lord has intertwined the word i've chosen into my life and shown Himself to me thru it.

this years word is freedom. freedom in Christ, freedom from bondage and slavery to the flesh. i'm excited to see how the Lord uses freedom this year in my life. what about you? have you ever chosen a word for a year? if not, what about this year? want to come along?

still like my word freedom, but am still waiting to see how it all plays out.

not doing so well on the nutrition and praying. need to make those 2 more of a priority for the 2nd half of the year.

hopefully on monday i'll have more for y'all.

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Angie said...

I'm glad you "re-posted" especially since I didn't come here at New Years to read it!
Such a good post!
I started the year out with high hopes of things to accomplish...and well, I am wondering what in the world I did with my list!
Have a blessed week! I had to come back--I enjoyed your Thursday post!