Monday, July 21, 2008

this n that

i was just telling hubby yesterday how much i love blogging. AND I DO! but right now, i'm just so tired i don't feel like blogging at all. i think maybe the heat is getting to me ...

so here's a random sampling of incoherant thots:

GOT ALOT of packing done today! yippee! hubby is being so helpful and taking charge. i just love it.

no more news. our tv did something weird and now the one channel we were able to get without cable, only at night, went beserk. so no more 10 o'clock news. but in 11 days we'll have free cable and we'll be watching to our hearts content. i even had a dream that we had the tv on so much that i was getting sick of it!

i'm really trying to plan my meals around what we have left in the house and use up alot of foodstuffs so we don't have to lug a bunch of groceries up to boise. i'm proud of myself for doing this. i'm determined not to buy anything more between now and the 1st. we'll see how it goes.

we had a delightful drive yesterday. i have pics but haven't downloaded them yet. this would be a great post for tomorrow if i have some extra energy.

we're doing another yard sale this friday. i think we'll have almost as much stuff as the first time around. would be nice to make some more money for the bicycle fund for Josiah.

more later ...

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