Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yard Sale Part 2

a month ago we had a yard sale to get rid of stuff and earn a little money before we moved. we had good success on the friday we did it, not so much on sat. so tomorrow we are hosting our 2nd yard sale. actually i think of it more as a moving sale, cuz whatever doesn't get sold is moving onto the thrift store.

with our move to boise and living in the student apts there at the school we have to really downsize. i'm looking at this as a good thing. its an opportunity to simplify our lives and our possessions. being in an apt we won't have to do any yard work so all our tools and yard stuff is going. one less thing for us to do. we also won't be owning the place where we live so no need to paint, wallpaper or do major maintenance projects. so only a small box with minimal screw drivers, hammer and nails will make the cut. i'm working on downsizing my craft supplies too. this is probably the hardest area for me. i have invested alot of time, energy and money into crafts throughout the years. plus its my stress buster, sanity break and therapy. cheaper than a pyschiatrist, don't ya think? i love to bless others with my cards, pictures, etc that i make as well. but i'm trying, really i am ...

we have gotton rid of a ton of books. i think we owned 8 bookcases of various sizes before i started selling off furniture. and we've gotton rid of about 30%- 40% of the books that were in those bookcases. my rule of thumb was if i could find it at the library i didnt' need to keep it, unless it was a true fav. that really helped me weed out alot of books, esp fiction that i knew i'd never read again, or self help books that i could get at the library.

we've also got some excess furniture we're trying to sell. an extra bookcase or two, a file cabinet, an oak buffet, a dropleaf table, and other misc items. i'm really hoping the furniture sells.

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