Monday, July 07, 2008

Goodbye Daisy Mae

once we accepted a student apt in boise for this coming year we knew that we would have to find our daisy girl a new home. we found daisy 2 years ago thru a friend who had found her wandering around Home Depot. she has been a good dog, and become part of our family as only pets we love and cherish can do. but today, we had to say goodbye. a family from our church wanted to add another dog to their brood and after talking with them we decided that this just might be the right home for our daisy mae to join.

all day i kept thinking that this might be the last time daisy would be with us, but it wasnt' until they put her in their SUV and she turned and looked at me with those soulful brown eyes that i lost it. the sadness welled up within my heart even tho i knew this was the right thing to do.

we will miss you daisy. all your antics that made us laugh. your supercharged energy after a good belly rub, barking at me in the morning to get up already, snuggling under the blankets during the winter to keep warm, going for walks, chasing squirrels, and laying on the cool floors during the hot summer afternoons. we'll miss you cleaning up all the food joe dropped on the floor during dinner, we'll miss your kisses and licks on the ears. we'll miss your insistent nudges for a rub or a pet and your warning signal that someopne is at the door.

you were ours for a short time and we're thankful for that, but now you have a good home with lots of dogs, cats, chickens, horses and other critters to play with. a good family with 2 children who will take you for walks and love on you. we know you're in good hands and will have a good life. but for 2 short years you were ours and we will miss you!

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