Thursday, July 10, 2008

this n that

here's a spattering of what has been going thru my mind of late:

Burn Notice! one of my new fav tv shows is launching into its 2nd season tonite and we have NO TV!!!! am i one sad puppy or what? when i told the hubster, who is also a fan, all he could say was "there are reruns!" ugh ... so i will be missing the next 3 weeks of my show.

we heard from daisy's new owner yesterday and she is doing great. she and the other jack russell are playing like old friends. she has settled right into her new family and they are loving having her. ahhhh, that makes me feel so much better.

i have to find more boxes .... and soon!

i'm working on a few more hand crafted cards before i pack up my craft supplies. i love being creative.

i put up a new pic on the blog. how do you like it? its of my lilac tree that we brought over 5 years ago from WA. i will miss my lilacs when we move. and my peonies, and the iris's. and the honeysuckle. and the tulips.

since i was indisposed with vertigo over our anniversary the hubby and i will be celebrating this weekend. 24 years! wowsie! i'll have a special anniversary post sometime soon.

prayers would be appreciated for getting some more furniture and stuff sold before our move. how does one accumulate SO MUCH STUFF? whatever doesn't get sold that isn't going with us is going to the thrift store or the dump.

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