Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking at Rentals

When we moved to Boise last year, we told ourselves we would stay in the campus apts for the whole 2 years. That it just isn't worth it to move while Michael is in school. But with the economy taking a nosedive, and our budget always being squeezed, we have wondered if there might be a cheaper place to rent. Well, this weekend I did more than wonder ... I went on craigslist to see what was available. I found several potential rentals for $200/less a month! That's quite a savings. Joe and I gave Michael some alone time and did the drivebys yesterday afternoon. And today Michael and I are going to check out a couple more.

We have to really crunch the numbers to make sure we would actually save $$ cuz we get alot of freebies with this apt we're in now, but God may have a place for us. We'll see ... We're praying for wisdom, so if you would like to pray with us, we'd be so honored.

Til next time ...

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