Tuesday, April 08, 2008

book giveaway: day 2

yipee!!! today is day two of my 100th post giveaway. today i have a great novel from my favorite mystery author: Agatha Christie, the queen of the genre. her novels are ones that i can read and reread and never get tired of them. i think i've read all of her works except one or two and watch most of the movies that have been made out of her books. i'm also including a couple of post it notes from mary engelbreit, one of my fav artists, i have mary engelbreit magnets, stationary, books, calendars, and even curtains in my basement. she is whimsecal and fun.

so today if you'd like to win this prize, let me know what your fav genre of books are. historical fiction? suspense? christian? mine is mysteries, and esp cozies. those are the ones that don't have any graphic details.

looking forward to seeing what you are reading these days.

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