Thursday, April 10, 2008

Final Day of 100th Post Contest

well, my fun contest is coming to an end. i have one last prize for you to claim to celebrate my 100th post milestone. blogging has become one of my passions and i'm so happy to celebrate with you. since so many of the blogs that i read, and commenters i get on my own blog are mom's of young children, i thot i'd pass along a great book that i have read many times to my son. its called "Ten Little Ladybugs."

its a loved on book, but i hope the winner will still be able to get many days of enjoyment out of it. i also have a mother's journal for anyone who have given birth recently, called "To My Child" and lastly i have a gently used book from dr kevin leman, called "the 6 stress points in a woman's life"

i think at times we mom's can all relate to being stressed. one thing i've realized as i've gotton older tho, is that its ok to tell myself i'm under some stress at this point in my life. when i qualify it that way, it doesn't seem to be such a death sentance! another thing i tell myself is that "this too shall pass" great words of wisdom. nothing is forever, except the Lord and His word. do i hear an Amen from my sisters?

so lets see those comments and you can also comment on the previous contest posts too. i'll pick a winner for each of the 3 giveaways this weekend with the help of my #1 son.

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*carrie* said...


My son has just gotten into books lately, especially ones about tractors (!) and animals. The lady bug one looks cute.

Have a good weekend!