Monday, April 21, 2008

sing along: "i guess that's why they call it the blues..."

sing along with me now, are you singing? "i guess that's why they call it the blues ..." "how long ..." i can't remember the rest of the words. but really, how long does it take for oneself to get over their tv addiction. i am dying here folks, literally DYING! no fox news in a week! no local news either. what AM I GONNA DO????????????

and now onto other things: i have gone to the library and checked out some books and am actually reading them! that's a first in a long time. i stumbled upon smith wigglesworth 's website over the weekend. i am just amazed at what the Lord accomplished thru him and his ministry. his belief in God and that God would and could heal was truly remarkable. i am inspired when i read about men and women of God who seem to walk with the Lord like enoch did. i want that in my own life, i hunger and thirst for that, but with all the distractions of modern life i rarely pursue it. i know not having the tv on all the time will help, but i have a feeling that that is not all that will need to go by the wayside .... something to ponder.

we had been planning a trip to boise this weekend without the 10 yr old, some good ol fashion "you & me" time with each other. but now with gas jumping 14 cents in the last 5 days (can we say "OUCH") hubby said this afternoon we may not be able to afford to go---yikes!!! has it come to that already? boo hoo. so i'm not sure what our plans will be but i hope we can still getaway and have some time together.


javamamma said...

Hey, thanks for visiting me! I have a step-aunt near Boise - I'm not quite sure where though.

Have a great week!

Peapod Four said...

I traded my tv addiction for a computer addiction. Now that we have cable again, I'm addicted to both and worse off than ever. : )

Good news on the wii remote!! PTL!

Karen said...


i just read your comment on Christins blog asking for more literature on people who are walking out the miraculous or who walked in it. a modern day person to check out and sermons to down load is Bethel Church, Pastor Bill Johnson in Redding California. If you google it, you will find it.

Also, there was a woman in the 1800s - marie woodworth etter - I think that is her name. Gosh. Talk about WILD and crazy miraculous following a person.

And if you already know about all of these, just ignore me. But I could not pass up the comment. *grin*