Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the next move

my husband has been taking classes at our local community college and now the time has come to transfer to boise state university. we have seen this on the horizon for over a year now and he could have transferred before this. but after a bazillion moves in the first years of our marriage, i am tired of moving. it has taken me several months to come to accept that this move to boise will be a good one, not just for hubby, but for our family and for me. there are good things in boise, like my brother and sister in law, other friends we've known for years, more things to do for #1 son, more shopping, the boise river with its greenbelt and walking/biking trail. it will be closer to WA, knocking 2 hours off of traveling home for the holidays.

but on the flip side, we don't know how we're going to find an affordable housing for us in a market that is more expensive than where we are now, we have alot of fixing up of our house so we can rent it out and no extra money to do so. the timing is up in the air, which makes me nervous. all these obstacles are easy to see from the human perspective, what is not as easy to see is that the Lord is in control. He is going before us and working on our behalf to make things happen. what He requires of me is to trust Him, be patient, pray and let Him lead. He has opened so many doors already: finances for michael's schooling, finding out that the school has really affordable married student housing (we're on the waiting list), connections with people at the campus already. testimony that He is faithful! He wants me to remember that He is faithful, His character doesn't change. if i was able to trust Him for the finances for school, i can trust Him for the timing of our move and the location.

so why does it seem like i have to learn this lesson over and over again? as if i never learned it the first time. i dont' know. but i take this time to remind myself of all the times that the Lord has been faithful and paved the way.

so while i'm trusting in the Lord to show us the path, i'm selling furnture we don't need, stockpiling smaller things to sell at our upcoming yard sale, decluttering junk that isn't worth saving and getting ready to pack up.

God has given me a peace about leaving our small town we've lived in for the past 4 years. i look forward to the new adventures in boise. i know He will provide a church for us to worship in, new and old friends, and ways to shine His light and glorify Him wherever we are.

i just hope to remember these things as the days go by .... and if i don't, remind me! ok?

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Katie said...

Will add this to my prayer list!

Proverbs 3:5-6