Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a snapshot of my day ...

i thot i'd share a few things about myself and what a typical day looks like, just for fun.

#1 son woke up early this morning, but not too early, around 6:45 or so. so when he came to our room holding his pillow and crawled into our bed wanting me to turn on the tv, like the good mum that i am, i said "no, go downstairs" dad was already up and i told joe that he could watch a dvd downstairs. so off he went and i got to sleep a few more minutes. as soon as he opened the door at the bottom of the stairs, daisy ran up to our room and crawled under the covers with me. she's a great foot warmer.

too soon afterwards, dad and son came back upstairs, turned on the light and started the ritual to get joe ready for school. that's my cue to get out of bed. i turned on the praise radio station to help in the process, stumbled around to find my glasses, and made my way to the bathroom. i put joe's socks and shoes on after hubby got him dressed, and then i headed into the kitchen to make his lunch and start my mocha. the bus came a few minutes later, and the boy was gone for the day. once my mocha was fixed i headed over to my computer to check my email, check a few blogs, and see who the unreached people of the day were on my blog so i can pray for them.

i got caught up in blog reading, and before i know it hubby is asking if i'm going to drive him to class in my pj's! yikes! i grab a pair of sweats from the bathroom, put on my shoes and coat and i'm ready to go even before the husband has his backpack packed and ready. daisy and i head out to the van. on the short drive to the college, we make plans to run errands this afternoon and hubby asks me if i want to go out to lunch with him. of course! after dropping him off, daisy and i head back home.

i plop in my comfy chair with my computer and check my email again--yay! my sister wrote an email. check a couple more blogs, and then decide to post on my blog. knowing in the back of my mind that the morning is slipping away and i need to hit the shower, wash some dishes, put in a load of laundry sooner than later. still haven't decided what to fix for dinner ....

ps: i have been trying to upload pics to go with this post, and blogger is making me crazy! so it'll have to go up without pics. just use your imagination.

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