Friday, April 25, 2008

we get to go after all!!!

we are going to boise this weekend! woo hoo!! can you tell i'm excited? well, i am. #1 son is going to stay with his respite family--thank you kirk and debbie! and will have a great time with them. they usually feed him pizza, let him ride on their riding lawn mower and he gets to play with gracie, their darling 3 or 4 yr old downs daughter. gracie and joe are buds.

and hubby and i? we get a refreshing weekend in the big city.
our sweet sis in law and my brother are putting us up in their delightful guest room so that we can save a few pennies.

we love boise. we are excited to move there this summer. so today mike will be meeting with his advisor once again, i'm sure we'll experience one of the many ubiquitous coffee shops, visit the christian bookstore, maybe head to a park, and of course drive around the n'borhoods getting a feel for the town that we will soon call home.

ahhhhh! my kind of weekend all around. and with hubby as a captive audience in the van, i can ply him with "heavy, deep and real" questions that he hates! hee hee hee

see you when we get back.

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*carrie* said...

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Gail! I like your new rainbow photo.