Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the birthday dance

we begin the birthday dance in our house in october. hubby comes first with his on the 19th, then in november favorite son (we only have one child/son so i can label him my favorite!) has his right before thanksgiving, and then come december its time for me to celebrate. woo hoo!! since mine is only days before Christmas i always make sure hubby makes a big deal of it. i was scarred for life when older sister would give me combined b-day/Christmas gifts either making my b-day a day with very little gifts or even worse, Christmas with less than my other non december b-day siblings. up until my dad passed away, i had him to keep me company as his b-day was on Christmas eve! my mom always made it a point to really celebrate his b-day and wait for the Christmas celebrations to begin the next day.

so i have been shopping. and I SCORED!!! over the last year i have been looking to see if any of our local stores have that hot, new item they came out with last season ... each store gets just a trickle. its like they are teasing us with their advertisements that its out there, but every time you ask at best buy or target, they don't have any in stock and don't know when they will get another shipment. shame on them!

but tues morning i decided to take my looking to a whole new level. i went from store to store to store. at my 2nd store, i was told the last one had just walked out the door 10 minutes earlier! aaaarrrgghhh!!! why couldn't i have gone there first? but not to lose heart, i trudged on. my bank is inside another box store so i thot, why not? i went to the electronics area and what did my eyes behold??? a box! excitedly, i asked the clerk, is this ... is this really a ....? and yes, it was!!! so i plunked down my plastic, grabbed the necessary accessories for the item and made my way home.

of course, since its such a big budget item, and both favorite son and i don't anticipate letting hubby have all the fun, now i can justify the expenditure by calling it a b-day gift for all of us! (yes, my lovely older sis, i learned well from you!)

of course, that doesn't let hubby off the hook in getting me something wonderful, sweet, thoughtful, and exciting for me for my b-day. and i'm sure we will be bringing home some more toys and stuff for #1 son right before Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait until the 20th to find out what this is!
Cousin Joy