Monday, October 01, 2007

October: The Man's Birthday Month

ok, so i'm thinking i need to do something for the man for his b-day. for his 50th b-day! so the wheels are turning. his b-day is on a friday so that is good ... movie and dinner? a weekend away?? gotta find respite for the little one if i do that ... gotta call #1 respite family to see if they are available .... gotta do some b-day shopping. i've already got some ideas from the man as i quizzed him vigorously for the past couple weeks ....

did the suprise party for his 40th, not going to do that again. movie and dinner is what we always do. gotta shake it up a bit. a catered dinner at home? nah, i'd have to clean house. drive a ways to a fancier restaurant??? that might have possibilities. blind fold him??? i'm starting to like it ... how about invite some friends to join us at the restaurant?? have to make a few phone calls.

i would love to hear any ideas you might have, have heard of, or have done yourself.

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