Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday 13

i have noticed out in bloggville, that certain bloggers do a thankful thursday. i looked (not very hard) to find who started it and how to download the cute graphic but didn't find it. but iwant to do it anyway. so here is my thankful 13 today.

1. God's grace and mercy i am so in awe that God doesn't give up on me and send a lightning bolt to snuff me out. i am so weak and yet, He is merciful, loving, longsuffering and compassionate.

2. my husband his b-day is tomorrow and i'm so glad we can celebrate his life. he was in a severe accident 3 1/2 years ago and he flatlined on the way to the hospital. the ER docs at the trauma center where he was taken didn't expect him to survive. but God had other plans.

3. my son my son has a disability. my son is a delight. do those things go together? before i had him i would have said no. but i have learned. tho he doesn't talk he still communicates in a rudimentary way. i love to see his humor, his mischieveousness, his love. he has shown me parts of myself that no one else could or has. he is a wonderful gift to me.

4. my sister cindi she is my BFF, my prayer partner, my encourager, my sounding board. we have always been close as sisters, but the Lord built a wonderful friendship between us as adults. she is a blessing to me!

5. my brother and his wife who are putting us up this weekend for our little getaway to celebrate hubby's b-day. they are so generous and welcoming. thanks bro!

6. our son's respite family who will be taking our son for the weekend while hubby and i escape. k & d are a wonderful couple who love our son like he was their own. they have a little daughter with downs who is as cute as a bug. our son and their daughter, tho years apart in age, play together like best buds. he loves her and gives her hugs. what a blessing they are to our family.

7. for being a stay at home mom i have worked off and on during our marriage, some jobs were good, some not so good. right now i'm at home and it is a good thing. i'm so thankful that i can spend time helping my husband, my son and making a cozy home for them to come home to. i have been decluttering, baking bread, making homemade meals, knitting and sewing. i love that i can be home and be available for them and others.

8. my laptop i love my computer. i love blogging, and emailing far off friends and family. i love surfing the net and discovering all kinds of new things. its like a huge library right at my finger tips.

9. for the Word of God as i have been more diligent in reading my Bible, i have a growing gratitude of the Word. that the Lord had it written by men so many years ago and it has endured! and it is new every time i open its pages. it speaks to me and renews me.

10. christian radio i really enjoy listening to the radio and while i may listen to a bit of country, talk or something else every now and again, the main thing i listen to is christian radio. it calms me and lifts my spirit. i hear God's heart and the body's heart towards our Savior thru it. and if you listen closely, you may even hear me humming along ....

11. my digital camera a gift from my mom, the true photographer in our family. i love being able to take pics and uploading them so family and friends and even strangers can view them. i love being creative and trying to design a pleasing photo.

12. chocolate do i need to expound? didn't think so!

13. yarn and needles my latest passion is knitting and i'm havign so much fun. stay tune for pics.

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Lisa writes... said...

Much to be thankful for! Thanks for your comment on my site; I'm so glad I returned the visit to both of yours! Thank you for this post in particular; your gratitude in all things has encouraged me today...