Tuesday, October 02, 2007


i decided to call this tidbits as what i'm going to chat with you about probably has no relation to each other, except that i'm thinking about it ....

so ... i've found a new fav show. "Chuck" on monday nites is about a geek who gets involved in the CIA and the NSA. fun spy stuff! and a great cast of characters. anyone else watching chuck?

i was able to do a bit of sewing yesterday. i bought some fluffy, fuzzy blue fabric to make a pillow for my son. i got 3 sides sewn up and then debated how i should close it. i decided i'll do something that lets me take the pillow out so i can wash the cover. that evening he found the pillow and promptly claimed it for his own. he wandered into our bedroom at 5am this morning, the pillow cover (without the pillow form) in hand rubbing his cheek with it and laughing as he climbed into our bed. i love being able to do simple things for him that make him happy.

i added a new sidebar to my blog as you can see. it will change each day with a different unreached people that we can pray for. i have wanted to be more intentional in praying for other countries and those people. i'm hoping that having this sidebar will help me do just that. will you join me in praying each day for the different cultures and nations that haven't been reached with the gospel?

i'm wearing pink today in honor of my mother who at 82 is fighting breast cancer. she just was diagnosed last month and has already had surgery. tomorrow she will be seeing the doc again and will be making some decisions as to what to do next. i'm praying for her as well as alot of others are. we know she rests in the Lord's hand, but we are selfish and want more time with her on this earth ...
so today i have a shortsleeve pink t-shirt on, pink socks with hearts on them, a pink heart necklace and my pink watchband and a pink beaded bracelet to honor her and to bring attention to this debilitating disease. october is breast cancer awareness month: will you be sporting pink?

today is name your car day. does your car have a name? we have had names for other cars we've owned, but i'm ashamed to admit we have had this car for several years and have never named her/him.

some things on the horizon: our church is going to be going thru a beth moore study. i'm getting excited about that. our local yarn shop is having some new fall classes. i'm checking them out and trying to decide which one to take. i want to learn more complicated knitting techniques! joe doesn't have school or his special program he goes to on thursday, so i'm trying to think of some fun things we can do together. got a haircut scheduled so far, maybe a matinee?? or visit a friend with 2 kids?? any ideas??

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