Sunday, November 11, 2007

girls afternoon out

my girlfriend, Joy called me this week to invite me along with her and a couple other gals to a trunk party. carrie of the cat's pajamas had all her wares set up at a friends house. what fun! funky purses made out of drapes, vintage earrings, hairclips, bracelets and necklaces. and skirts, jackets, and pants with creative embellishments. we shopped, we indulged in treats, we chatted. just what the doc ordered.

i'm so thankful for friends who reach out even when i'm in the funk, who aren't scared off just cuz i'm in the pit, who are still my friend after not connecting for way too long ....

and dear hubby was so gracious to say "go, i'll stay home with #1 son". what a blessing!

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