Saturday, November 24, 2007

knitting and other craftiness

i've been really enoying getting back into my card making mode. this is one i made a week or so ago and sent off to my mom. do you know it costs an extra 17 cents to mail something that has a bulge, such as this button, on the card? i was shocked. i love to add embellishments but i will be thinking twice if i am going to be mailing it.

this is a hat, really, it is! since this photo was taken, it has been finished. you knit it like this and then hand sew it to make it into a hat. this is the 4th one i've done. the first one for hubby came out fine, a little loose, but fine. the 2nd and 3rd were too small, don't know what i did wrong. i've already taken one apart. and now this one. i think its time to move to another pattern.

i started knitting again a couple years ago. i first did scarves, then graduated to dishcloths, which was fun. slowly i've been learning how to do more and more, but i haven't tackled anything in the round yet. and i'm itching to try knitting a pair of socks. hence the yarn ... in a burst of optimism i bought this skein of sock yarn. who knows when i will actually start tho ... stay tuned.

and my latest project on the needles: a winter doggie coat for daisy mae. she gets so cold in the winter. i figure this will allow her to be more comfy when she goes in the car with me on errands, which she insists on doing or going for walks in the park. so far, so good. i've made a few errors but i dont' think she's going to mind. when i finish it i'll post more photos.

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