Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

i'm not going to do 13 thankful things but rather one big one today.

as yoda would say: thankful i am for josiah, my firstborn son.

josiah turns 10 next week and i am thankful for having him in my life. he is sweet, fun and fun loving, he laughs alot and makes me laugh with him. he is mischieveous and has a sense of humor. he loves dogs, and other animals, baseball and bowling, music, movies and having books read to him. he loves snuggling under the covers in mom and dads bed and hugging us tight. he loves sleeping in and staying up late.

did i mention he is disabled? probably not, cuz that's not what i see anymore. when we first got his diagnoses, that was all i could see. what he would not be able to do, what a loss we as a family had sustained. but now, years later, i see the boy, the person, who he is, not who he is not. sure, it makes for an interesting relationship with someone who can't verbally talk to you, but joe does communicate in his own way. sometimes i know exactly what's he's saying, and sometimes i have no clue. but either way, we communicate.

i am also thankful for my son for all he has taught me. "little things" like unconditional love! not judging others by the outside cover, being ready to have fun no matter what i'm doing or how i feel. thru him, i have learned to trust my Lord more, have learned to be patient, to cry out to the Lord when i'm hurting, and a host of other things.

my life is richer becuz my son is in my life and i can't imagine life without him. yes,we're not your normal, average family but we are who we are, and it works for us. God has been good to us, and i am thankful to the Lord for bringing josiah into our lives almost 10 years ago.

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Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

"i see the boy, the person, who he is, not who he is not."

I love that. Profound and beautiful and profound.