Friday, November 30, 2007

Thankful Thursday ,,, a day late

is it friday already? where has this week gone?

as is my tradition, i'd like to take a few moments to share my list of things i'm thankful for.

i'm thankful for God's sovereign reign and control over our lives. He has protected and provided for our family in ways i could not fathom.

i'm thankful that we are going to go back to WA for Christmas. we'll be able to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the sights and sounds of the big city and maybe even spend some time at the coast (hint, hint sweetie)

i'm thankful that God made dinosaurs and that we have enough of a record of them to make them come alive for my son, and that they are extinct now, so i don't have to deal with them in my life. except for the plastic type on my living room floor.

i'm thankful for music. the talented singers and musicians who share their creative stuff with us. for the technology that allows me to punch a button and out comes the beautiful melodies i enjoy so much.

i'm thankful for my jack russell, daisy mae, who cuddles up next to me and keeps me warm. who loves to run and play and shows it to everyone around. who can jump straight up and comes up to my chest---she's got springs in her feet!

i'm thankful for the new occupational therapist working with my son at school. aleisha worked with my son several years ago in a private setting and is wonderful with him and he works for her with no problems.

i'm thankful for cozy warm sweaters, fuzzy warm slippers, warm flannel blankets and comforters that keep us warm in our winterwonderland.

and i'm thankful for YOU! you who read my blog, and those of you who leave comments. have i mentioned how i love comments? i do! if you have a google account, sign in and leave a comment.

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Cindy said...

Great list! I'm going to start recording more things that I'm thankful for in my prayer journal. Hopefully on a regular basis!

Your list of projects you want to do is impressive!!